The Heartbreak Club

From Sunday 14th May 2017 19:00 to Sunday 14th May 2017 22:30

After the successful launch of Will Hows solo album, he decided to carry on the good vibes and dragged the finest musicians together to form The Heartbreak Club.

A new, sleek, fresh face for Rock and Roll. Combining the raw sounds of the fifties with heavy rock and indie of the modern day, and taking influence from the likes of Queens of the stone age and Arctic Monkeys. Their sound is like no other.

They're coming to Open this April to launch their debut EP, and if their single 'Club Heartbreak' is anything to go by, then this EP is going to rumble your pretty little socks off.

Making the loud louder, they will be joined by The Thinking Men and The Racketones. This is not a night to be missed.


Find us here

OPEN, 20 Bank Plain, Norwich, NR2 4SF

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